With Nexity, RMZ has created an indelible mark on Hyderabad's urban landscape, filling a niche that did not exist. The integration of the Landscaped parks, sculpture gardens, Bio pond water features, and Green lobbies with the podium provides a soothing experience enabling its users to celebrate the work culture as a whole.


The convergence of RMZ Corp and Hetero marks a momentous milestone for the Indian Real Estate industry. With the combined wealth of skill, expertise, and insight, the joint entity is indeed promising to leave a lasting impression.

3.3M SQ.FT.
leasable Area


35K - 45k SQ.FT.
Floor Plate

G+ 21

Open space

90K SQ.FT.

Green Rating
LEED Gold Targeting

Urban Treasure


Celebrating the communities who inspire and uplift us every day. Building enduring relationships both inside and outside the company lays the foundation for an enduring institution. A frictionless support system—highlighted by building ambassadors and member advocates—provides hospitality-level attentiveness.


Our workspaces offer industry's leading companies highly designed environments, state-of-the-art finishes, flexible layouts, and a full suite of hospitality-driven solutions. We create and operate vibrant and lifestyle-oriented spaces that cater to diverse demands. Catalyze progress by investing in emerging locations benefiting from regeneration and growth. Position greater emphasis on regional multi-let retail assets. An unparalleled suite of features and resources ensures that every tenant need is met or surpassed. Operational Excellence at Every Point of the Member Experience. The in-house integration of the full complement of real estate skills is one of RMZ’s strengths


Our leadership team has bought, built, leased, financed, and sold some of the world’s best known and most successful properties. Together, they focus on attracting, retaining, and empowering the best team in the business to create robust economic and social value.


Nexity has been carefully designed with large integrated green spaces and a well-thought-out crafted landscape that creates an impression of being amidst nature at all times. The design of each block enables maximum daylight penetration while minimizing heat gain through a combination of balconies, planters, and sun shading projections. With 360 panoramic views, the view from any office is no less than spectacular in Nexity.

natural lighting

beautiful promenade views

extensive landscaped areas

water conservation practices

efficient central core design

cutting edge waste management system

treated water for flushing and irrigation

rainwater harvesting system

use of low VOC material

double glazed facade that reduces the heat and glare into the building

use of renewable materials


At RMZ, we continuously strive to maintain our status as a global leader in sustainability. Our firm combines a long history of developing innovative sustainable projects in India with an ongoing focus on sustainable building operations. With 60 million square feet of space (certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design LEED® and globally to be rated the healthiest building in the world by IWBI). We remain at the forefront of sustainable building design, construction, and operation.

With environmental concerns becoming exceedingly more significant, it is imperative that all pursuits of progress be balanced with sustainable development, to minimize the impact on natural resources. Through its harmonious blend of innovative sustainable ideas and state-of-the-art architecture, Nexity is at the forefront of a move towards an eco-friendlier approach to business.


Nexity is built keeping in mind the need of businesses to have meaningful conversations and human interactions. The confluence of architecture, abundant greenery, and state-of-the-art amenities make this business park the apt choice for companies to call an office space their own.


The network of High-Quality Office Tenants: As the result of our nationwide presence and reputation as an effective owner and manager of premier office properties, we have extensive existing relationships with many of the world’s largest multinational and corporate office tenants. By offering these tenants a consistently high quality of service and the ease of doing business with the same owner in multiple locations, we believe RMZ has become a “landlord of choice” for many firms as they seek to satisfy space requirements worldwide. In addition to tenant-broker relationships maintained by regional leasing professionals, our firm’s Business Development and Global Leasing team has established direct relationships with over 250 corporate real estate executives worldwide. We believe that these relationships represent a strong competitive advantage not only in the leasing/re-leasing of new, repositioned, or redeveloped space but also in providing direct access to off-market investment opportunities, such as build-to-suit or sale-leaseback transactions. With a hyper-growth strategy and the use of exponential technologies, we plan to build a 1M member quantified community across 800+ enterprise customers across 65M sft. of Real Assets.