Quite unlike the functional lobbies at most traditional workplaces, Nexity offers a vibrant social lobby, full of activities, high-tech experiences and sensory stimuli. From smart screen that keep the users updated on all the latest goings-on to a wellness zone & F&B and retail offerings, the Social Lobby is a dynamic space where members can connect, interact, engage and indulge.

Culinary Experiences

Home to myriad dining concepts, along with live and interactive F&B experiences, The Bay is set in an ultra-modern, upmarket ambience. The convenience driven service retail concept has a warm and relaxing vibe.

At RMZ, we strive to curate personalized, handpicked experiences from across the globe, when it comes to our food and beverage offerings. A strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, to a quick treat to beat those midday hunger pangs, or a celebratory post-work meal, our diverse range of culinary offerings will provide a comprehensive and complementary dining experience for residents, employees, and visitors alike. 

The culinary artistry is inspirational and keeps our members coming back for more. The tides are changing in the F&B sector, and with the focus more on health and wellness, we put healthy dining at the top of our priority list. Each outlet offers scrumptious options that cater to our members’ daily health needs. From probiotic foods to plant based bio-diversified meals, from conveniently ordering food at a touch of a cellphone button to being treated like a king at our Restaurant Collection… the Member Experience is at its Utopian best.


Bringing to our campuses elements of newness, freshness and surprise will be pop-ups that stay for a short while—perhaps a week or a month. These will cater to a variety of categories including pet accessories, beauty, electronic, gadgets, product launches, home & décor, and festive, seasonal and city-based themes.


With what the world has seen, and is seeing, we are visualizing our indoor and outdoor spaces differently. There will be higher value around spaces where we come together, allowing you to fulfill necessary chores while already outside your homes.

When we think of our designs, we think of each of you—making sure amenities are available closest to you, reconnecting you with the amenities you need. A 360-degree, holistic Zen space of sorts, at a time when we need more to help us lead a balanced life. Meet your targets, head to the gym post-work, run all your errands, and then head for a healthy, wholesome meal without getting caught up in traffic.


The ArtWalks house a permanent collection of monumental artworks by. significant contemporary artists, such as Subodh Gupta, Ravinder Reddy, Paresh Maity, Arunkumar H.G., Jayasri Burman, Dhruv Mistry and K.S. Radhakrishnan. The Foundation focuses on creating innovative platforms for art as a part of its social responsibility programme, while hosting high-profile events to support essential programmes focused towards inclusive growth and progress.


The world is becoming more digitalised, every single day, with the millennials in charge and sharing economy transforming how services are provided and consumed. Highspeed internet, powerful smartphones and cloud-powered IT devices are transforming how we live, work and play. As more and more people inhabit the digital world, it is increasingly becoming a medium to augment the real world. In fact, the lines between the real and virtual worlds are now so blurred, it’s hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.